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Host (MC) will:

  • Prepare 10 questions for 4 rounds, with tie-breakers (preferably in presentation PowerPoint or KeyNote format) and bring on jump drive if can’t bring own computer

  • Arrive at least 15-30 mins early to get any materials ready and check in with staff

  • MC will go over rules with the whole group at the start of the night

  • Take 5-10 minute breaks in between rounds

  • End trivia part of the night by (0:00pm TBD) and promote upcoming Trivia Nights/encourage additional hosts to volunteer

Trivia Rules:

  • No yelling out answers, right or wrong. It disrupts the game and can bother other players.
  • Up to 6 players per team are allowed. There is a 5 point penalty for a team of 7, and a 10 point penalty for a team of 8. Groups of 9+ MUST split up to play.. The penalty will be assessed before the final questions.
  • No cell phones, blackberries or any type of outside sources are allowed. Teams that are reported using any outside devices will be disqualified and become ineligible for any prizes. Remember, it is very very LAME to cheat at free pub trivia. 🙂
  • Have fun! Ask around; this is indeed the best pub trivia game around!


Each team receives an Ib Pub Trivia sheet and a stack of answer tickets at the beginning of each game. The sheet outlines the game and is just used to follow along and keep track of the categories.

1st Half
The 1st half is composed of 6 questions, and the categories are announced beforehand. After a question is read, each team has 1 song to come up with the answer. You take an answer ticket and write your team name, the answer and a point wager of 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 depending on how sure you are of the answer. You can only wager each value ONCE, so there is no penalty for a wrong answer.

Picture Bonus Round
After the first half, there is a picture bonus round, where you are given a sheet of 15 pictures to identify. There could be celebrities, logos, movie scenes, etc. There is a theme and a clue every week (eg. “This week everyone pictured has “Mc” to start their last name”). Each correct item is worth 2 points. Again, there is no penalty for a wrong answer.

2nd Half
The 2nd half is the same as first half (6 questions with the categories given beforehand) except the point values are doubled to 2,4,6,8,10, and 12. Again, you can only wager each value ONCE.

Identification Bonus Round:
After the second half, where there 15 items that you must identify through various clues. They could be anything but are often movie or music related (eg. “Try and identify each movie below that has a color in the title. The year of release and an actor or actress is given.”) Again, there is no penalty for a wrong answer.

Current Events Bonus Round:
The last bonus round before the final questions is a Current Events Round composed of 4 current events questions from the past week, ranging all topics. They are worth 5 points each. All answers go on 1 answer ticket.

Final Questions:
There are 2 final questions in the last round. For each question, you can wager 1-12 points. If you are correct, you get your point wager, but if you are incorrect, you lose your point wager.

Buzzer Showdown:
Top 4 teams get 2 spots on the Buzzer free-4-all, where players Buzz in on lock-out-system, for additional points for their team. Top Player wins a prize!

The teams with the most points at the end of the night will win prizes!

Rules of League play:

1. VERY IMPORTANT!! No use of cell phones or other outside reference materials.
2. Please do not call out any answers (even if you are just trying to be funny).
3. No collaborating with other teams.
4. Once an answer sheet has been turned in, teams may NOT change their answer or their wager, unless instructed to do so by the host.
5. The host will have final say in all circumstances during play.
6. In order to earn nightly prizes, teams may not have more than seven players on any given night. Your team may play the game with more than seven players, but in that instance, your team will ONLY receive the standard 10 participation points and will be ineligible for nightly prizes given away by the venue. For the purposes of this rule, anyone situated at your table or team area is considered to be a part of your team, regardless of their actual input.

Earning IB Public House League standings points:
1. Each team that plays at least three rounds of trivia in a nightly event earns 10 standings points.
2. If a team plays at least two rounds of trivia, it earns 5 standings points.
3. Finishing 1st in a nightly event will earn an additional 10 points.
4. Finishing 2nd in a nightly event will earn an additional 7 points.
5. Finishing 3rd in a nightly event will earn an additional 4 points.
6. Finishing 4th or 5th in a nightly event with 15 or more teams will earn an additional 3 standings points.

Qualifying for the IB Public House Playoffs and Championship Series:
1. All rankings and standings are based on standings points as outlined above.
2. Each team must designate a “League Team” for the season.
3. Each team’s name must remain the same throughout the season.
4. Teams may play at multiple venues* but standings points earned at other venues will not be carried over to a team’s home venue (with the exception of the Summer Fling season).
5. In order to be eligible for the playoffs or Championships Series, individual players must have competed in at least FOUR nightly events at ANY time in the past with IB Public House Trivia.
6. Individual players may play on different teams during the season but must declare a playoff team and stay with that team for the post-season.
7. The team that finishes the regular season with most standings points at a given venue will be declared IB Public House Champion and will be invited directly to the Championship Series.
8. In most cases, the number of teams invited to the playoffs from each venue* is equal to half of the average weekly attendance. For example, a venue with an average of 12 teams per week will receive six playoff invitations (in addition to the house champion).
9. Teams must reply and confirm attendance at the playoffs within five days of the event (usually the Monday before the playoffs).
10. Although numbers may vary, any team finishing in the top half of the field at each playoff location will receive an invitation to the Championship Series. In the event that invited teams are unable to participate in the Championship Series, alternate teams will be invited in their place.
11. Teams qualifying for the Championship Series must reply and confirm attendance within five days of the event (usually the Monday before the Championship Series).

How your team may earn a playoff bye and be invited directly to the Championship Series:
1. Finish the season with the most standings points at a given venue and earn the title of IB Public House Trivia Champion.
2. Earn at least 120 standings points at your home venue AND accrue 120 total standings points outside of your home venue* (This is a total amount of points accrued OUTSIDE of your home venue. For example, if your team earns 150 points at your home venue, and then earns another 60 points at a second venue; 40 points at a third, and 20 points at a fourth, then your team will have qualified for the Championship Series).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I have a friend or someone who happens to be sitting at the table with us, do they count towards our four-person limit even if they are NOT participating in the game?
A: Yes, if a person sits at or even lingers around your playing area, they will count towards the number of people on your team. Essentially, “being on a team” is not based on any verbal declaration by any team member. That declaration is in place when a person sits with a team who is playing trivia. So, if your host sees a person at a table for any extended period of time (more than two minutes), then that person is considered to be part of your team. If the extra people pushes your team size over seven, we may ask that those people sit away from your trivia headquarters during the game. Remember that your team can play with more than seven people, but will be ineligible for nightly prizes or extra standings points for a top three finish.

Q: What if my team disagrees with the answer that the host has given to a particular question?
A: We can assure you the IB Public House staff puts in countless hours of research into writing questions. We make every effort to be 100% correct, and we do not ask “trick” questions or questions that can be misleading or ambiguous. Our intent is to provide entertaining and engaging questions that are concise and accurate. However, sometimes we can come up short of this goal. If your team believes that the host has given an incorrect answer, or that your answer is also acceptable, please wait until the end of that round to discuss the matter. Please approach your host politely and let them know your team’s concerns. At this point, explain the facts and provide some sort of proof for your argument. The host will take into account your argument and balance it against the facts presented through internet research and render a decision. It is difficult to describe how every possible scenario will play out, but it is always a priority at Pour House Trivia to be fair. Please remember that the host will have final say in all circumstances during play.

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us below

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