Stand Up Comedy Classes

Ever been told you’re funny? or LOVE stand up comedy? Wanna try something new? Whatever the reason is, we’re here to help.  We have 6-week stand up comedy classes starting every month. Learn from 10 + year vets, with special guests, as well as a showcase with a professional recording of your set for future booking.  You can get started with our Comedy Tips Page.

Next Orientation:
Classes Begin:

6 week workshops for first-timers and experienced students.

What we teach you:
• joke structure, writing & development
• rehearsal techniques
• riffing/improvisation
• dealing with hecklers
• performance peaking
• writing groups
• comedy ethics
• comedy business
• marketing strategies
and more

Student Benefits:
• One-on-one coaching
• 6-8 minute promo-reel
• Birthday, special occasion Discounts
• Open Mic priority-longer spots

Student Showcase:
• Held after Graduation

E-mail: 619-796-2364 / 818-561-1447

Want to sign up? Send us a Message.


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