Jose Barrientos @ToastIsFunny

20/20  | ABC  | 3 Viral Videos



Jose Barrientos, is a stand up comedian and prankster who was recently discovered by ABC’s 20/20 Prank segment after his video prank on cultural stereotypes went viral garnering more than 3.4 million views and gaining international media attention.

Born in Mexico, but raised in the United States, Jose Barrientos has a background in the Military and Cyber skills that have helped him earn the pet name “Professional Mexican”.   He is also quite the prankster.   For an entire semester,  Jose faked a typical Hispanic immigrant accent in his speech 101 class, and videotaped it all … but what started as a prank quickly turned into a social experiment.   Overnight the video went viral pushing the limits of social norms, and preconceived notions of foreign culture, Barrientos now tours around the country sharing through Stand Up Comedy what he learned about cultural diversity behind the mask of a foreign immigrant.  He’s been seen on  20/20 on ABC, has performed for the military and colleges all over the country.  @ToastisFunny  |  Watch his videos at




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